Approaching employment

We have moved on from Taylorism but still take refuge under it. When are we going to stop behaving as employees? When are we going to start taking our jobs as being self-employed? The world of business and relations has moved on. When are we going to stop taking refuge in labor laws and irrational emotions? There are so many notable differences in mannerisms, at work, of ones born in 1990s vs the ones before. But taking refuge or being defensive seems to be an attribute so co

Girls who keep me alive

If I remember correctly, I was in 7th class when father returned with a computerised horoscope of me. He was travelling to Punjab, I suppose. I picked up the (A3 paper size) bunch (almost a PhD thesis), as if the horoscope was of a special avataar, finally born. I asked my father, “What’s so special about this?” He said, “It’s believed to be more accurate.” A detailed easy to comprehend description was one of the key differentiators to the horoscope prepared by Astrologers wi