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Being a rebellion

It is very important that one should be a rebellion in his/her life. We all are constrained and limited by factors and circumstances. But then how is a soldier trained?

He/she has a family behind who are dependent on him/her but that still does not deter him/her to take risks and be bold. Most of us are not soldiers and hence any act of boldness will still not risk our lives. But still going by our own interpretation of severity of decisions, we rate them equivalent to losing our lives.

I believe being a rebellion may not bear the desired results but the satisfaction expected from such an effort should not be under estimated.

Further, risk is all about a state of mind. If a risk is managed with the right frame of mind, it will be termed as a random act that any human undertakes innumerable times during his/her lifetime. Otherwise, it is likely to be termed as stupid and suicidal.

So better dare and not regret for not being a rebellion.

My intent to be philosophical here is simply to share my unhappiness with people who have one or the other constraint as a proxy to not acting differently.

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