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Dreams and feeling of being loved

Yesterday I woke up feeling lucky; for being loved and cared. The feeling extended from my grandparents to parents, friend network, and colleagues at work. I also, finally, fulfilled my childhood dream of playing with my grandfather. As a kid, I use to ask him to play but he never heeded to my request, but jokingly asked me to do so with my grandmother. This was not unfair on his part considering he was pretty conventional and a shy personality. His style of caring was more with actions and gestures. He usually sounded loud to my sister and I which is quite contrary to our feelings today, when he is long gone. But yesterday, in my early morning dream, he played with me before leaving us forever. He played heartily despite his old age. This was my first smiling and loving reunion with my grandfather in dreams since he left us some 14 years back. I though have been meeting him for all these years, in my dreams, when he is felt consoling and motivating me- a hug and a pat on back. Today morning my dream sequence continued. I meet my Naani (maternal grandmother) as well. My first meeting after she left us for heavens. I bow down to touch her feet and then leave her at her brother’s house- Kaleka house in Patiala. I also wished Patiala waali Bua ji (my mom’s Aunty). Dreams like these have psychological interpretations but they are much more meaningful and too personal to be generalised. Dreams are special gifts to humans. Given our sharp memories, dreams are a way to relax our mind and yet not losing the context of them in real life.
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