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Feeling of Meaninglessness

Diwali is one of the most popular and important festivals of India. In a run-up to the Diwali day, especially post Dussera, the business world is abuzz with activity. The markets are crowded and companies ensure their distribution network is adequately stocked. Social gifting is a practise associated with Diwali and hence we see heavy traffic on roads, building-up, 3-4 days prior to the Diwali day.

However, the following morning-I am usually out early morning as a routine- a feeling of meaninglessness sets in. The roads are devoid of usual traffic. The lawns of the houses are left uncleaned till late in the morning. The inmates of my society are asleep with doors and windows closed. The traces of fire crackers burst last night are scattered all over the streets. As I walk over them, kicking them, I get nostalgic about the Diwali festival since my childhood.

Till late morning, I gaze at my neighbourhood in hope of some activity remniscent of life getting back to normal.

But the feeling of meaninglessness does not die away till I get back to work that is a couple of days later.

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