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Feelings of peace and pleasure

A beautiful peaceful Sunday morning when you are all alone except your pet dog resting near your feet. The air is fresh and optimally cool. The Sun is yet to rise and peep through the scattered clouds.

I could hear the chirps of birds both near and far only interspersed with sound of vehicles running on the road far away. Everything seems so stable, calm, and peaceful.

I wonder how could I find such pleasure in my routine life akin to when I ride to hills all by myself. I have a few tasks to complete during the day but they don’t seem to be overwhelming. I will try to rest my mind from its continuous play of thoughts, feelings, and worries.

I try messaging my mind- “I have nowehere to go. I have achieved what I had to. Dear Mind, I will only strive for incremental improvements but not at the cost of straining you anymore. Thanks for being so supportive and I will be mindful about you henceforth.”

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