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Future modes of transportation

My better half was pestering for failing to write a short creative story on ‘future modes of transport’. My 7 year old kid had to speak on the topic at her school. The pestering was more so since I was taking a little too long to write it.

Finally, I was waiting for my spouse to serve me breakfast last Sunday when I wrote this:

1. I missed my school bus.

2. My father was getting late to office so he told me to stay at home.

3. My mother did not know driving.

4. My father called after reaching office and said, “You can take the other car. Its parked in garage.”

5. I stepped inside the car. I said, “Eicher School”. The car said, “Ok”.

6. I was surprised that the car was moving without a driver.

7. I thought it to be ghost car since it had no driver.

8. I reached school safely.

9. I thanked the Ghost car.

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