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Help Munni and Sheela

Finally! I am beginning to appreciate the importance of Bollywood in every Indian's life. Whether its मुन्नी बदनाम हुई (Munni badnaam hui) song- giving a rural flavor to our ever evolving urban lives और शीला की जवानी (Sheela ki Jawaani) song. Unlike old Bollywood songs that are remembered more for lyrics, music and singer's voice, latest ones are more appreciated for their visuals- looks of actors and dancing steps etc. 

A perfect source of entertainment that reaches us via cinema halls, multiplexes and idiot box. But will bollywood survive for long? We have been hearing about the movies failing to even cover their budgets for long now. The norm that every Bollywood movie in India makes money is no longer true. As audience we have the right of choice but are we paying for what we choose. Piracy is on a high with no concrete steps being undertaken to curb it. 

A fortnight back I failed to get on rent a legal copy of movie “Do Dunni Chaar”. Let us all get a bit more responsible and get entertained by buying origin.

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