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Inflation joke on Sardars

Inflation is defined as phenomenon of erosion in purchasing power of money due to increase in prices of goods and services. Price of goods and services increase as a result of mismatch in demand-supply. For last 12 months, media has delivered judgements about the future of Indian economy backed by superficial analysis of stats. Jokes on Sardars and Baniaays have been doing roundsabout how rise in prices have not impacted them. One such joke is when a TV journalist asks a Sardar ji refueling his car at a pertrol station, for his reaction on increase in fuel prices. Sardar Ji replies, “No impact since I still refuel my car for INR 1000 everytime since long.” This is a good joke but has a message for us. After the recent hike in petrol prices, I visited a petrol pump for refueling my car and I recalled the joke as I also refueled the car for INR 1000. How many of us will stop driving a car to office? Will anyone of us use a public transport to travel to office? We are prisoners of our own desires and luxuries and hence why crib for an increase since you will not be able to action on the same on your part. Only those who had to make a sacrifise due to the increase in fuel prices have the right to voice their concern. In fact frustrations are running high in most of us since we foresee ourselves deprived of real wealth (referring to economic profit for a common man) and graduate ourselves to higher ranks of society. So I am appreciative of Sardar ji’s intelligence and response. 🙂

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