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Interceptor 650 on first highway trip- An experience

I made my first highway ride to Delhi on Interceptor 650 last Saturday i.e. Feb 9, 2019. I started at 9:30 am from Chandigarh.

The bike’s colour – Orange crush with a matching helmet made heads turn at each traffic signal in the city. This continued on highway when drivers inside Sedans and hatchbacks stared at my bike. They may have had some opinions about the bike and about me too.

I was busy adjusting to the new riding style for most of my 250 km journey to Delhi. I had a lunch meeting with a school friend at Connaught place, New Delhi. After an easy transition into the riding style of Himalayan bike from the Bullet 350cc, a couple of years back, the transition to Interceptor 650 was not easy.

I felt strain on my shoulder blades and lower back. This is despite a lighter backpack with straps loosened enough to rest on the seat behind. My first break lasting 10 minutes was 90 km before Delhi i.e. after covering some 160 km in one go.

I did not speed beyond 90 km/hr for the remaining first 500 km when speed restrictions apply. The wind screen of the Interceptor 650 (the optional accessory) helped while speeding though.

I got the first servicing of Interceptor 650 done in Delhi. After the first service the Interceptor 650 eased through Delhi’s traffic with least twist of accelerator. After hitting the highway towards Chandigarh, I stayed above 110 km/hr and reached Chandigarh in 3:45 hrs and this was all in the night.

The bike was cruising with ease at speeds above 110 km/hr. The tilting of the handle by few degrees towards myself helped me with strain on shoulders but yet the comfort was not the same I have while riding Himalayan bike.

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