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Interviewed a 58 yr old professional

Couple of days back I interviewed a 58 year old gentleman. He looked fitter and keen (not deperate though) for a job.

He had walked in to our office basis a reference. I briefly scanned his 1-page resume and opted to meet him.

All the while I interacted with him, I was trying hard to keep following thoughts out of my mind:

a. Isn’t he too old to be hired?

b. He must have been a failure else who looks for a job just two years from official retirement age.

c. He will be a misfit for the job since he is less likely to be well versed with writing emails even.

d. He will simply be a mentor and may have forgotten to do things himself.

It is pretty silly for me to think about seniors like this especially when I plan to hire seniors (50 plus) for Pheratora- the social enterprise focused for travel services for seniors.

I did not have a defined role for him and requested him to be available for an interaction with CEO as well.

I visualise myself some 16 years down the line in his shoes. What will it need be to be employable at the age of 58 i.e. year 2034?

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