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Weekend Sex and exercising- Challenges of

Till recently I use to pass remarks on my friends about their paunch and no-exercise lifestyle.

“Why can't you exercise? Its important and once you get into the routine you realize its benefits” is what I use to usually talk. Most of them use to complain about long working hours and time spent wading through Delhi's traffic.

Its not that I am regular at exercising but a frequent urge exists within. However, coping with my new work routine that includes longer travel time I begin to realize that my friends are not wrong. Its actually difficult to find time to exercise. 

Of 24 hours in a day we end up spending on average 15 hours away from home. Considering eight hour sleep a basic need we are left with 1 hour to finish your daily chores, change clothes to office, say 'Hello' to your kids and half-a-second kiss/pat on shoulder of our life partners with promises of some intimacy over the weekend.

This seems to be true for all of us irrespective of gender we belong to but for men its far more real than reality. Admittedly they have a more active role to play.

Most men it seems end-up being more worried than eager over their weekend homework. A few pegs of alcohol are usually gulped on Friday nights with true/false (tick that is applicable) promises to partners about an out-of-the-world experience later.  

So I realize that 'Weekend sex' is critical for a happy married life. Its like this- Weekday sex is about being opportunistic while weekend sex is proving that you have it in your pants. 

My wife often says, “Nothing wrong or right exists in this world. Our perceptions define boundaries of our reasoning and beliefs.”So going by this rational there is always an 'other side' to a phenomenon not known to us. That means if we are conscious of this fact, we will be making ambiguous statements and actually convey nothing meaningful?

Thats where I realized the importance of communication- state your premises explicitly before passing any remark.

Hence to summarize- work routine impact exercising, weekend sex is important even if one enjoyed weekday sex more and art of communication.

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