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Life is getting too predictable

I will be turning 42 in a fortnight. I have begun to realize that the life is turning out to be too predictable for me. My intuitive skills are getting better with every passing year. And maybe in a few years, I will be a Nostradamus for myself.

This feeling of predictability holds true at work as well. I do not believe the feeling of ’predictability’ is synonymous with boredom or about the repetitive nature of work.

This could be due to several reasons:

a. I may be getting realistic about my skills and capabilities.

b. I may be limiting my expectations from self.

c. I may be having a completely new version of how to lead my life henceforth.

d. My feelings may be symptomatic of a mid-life crisis.

e. It may be that 40s are the time when we may be having the best of all the three brains- head, heart, and gut. And hence able to recall my journey till now and foresee what is yet to unfold.

I will be keen to come back on this topic in a few years, maybe just around when I will be 50 years old.

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