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My pet goes to school all alone at a tender age of 2.5 years

The Teacher on call says, “He is pleased with the school. After reaching school he silently, without getting distracted from his classmates takes a seat. His head is straight and ears attentive to every detail that I speak about.”

But we feel it is not safe for him to walk to school alone. We have our day jobs and we are not able to arrange for anyone to escort him safely to school. So it may be that we opt out of his schooling, and instead prefer home schooling.

Please don’t consider that option, says the Teacher. He loves coming to school, and enjoys watching his classmates playing. He joins them during the breaks but when it is class time, he is all focused on me.

I wake up today morning after dreaming of our pet dog, Buddy fresh in my memory. He is so receptive to our instructions. Dreaming makes me realise, Buddy is part of our family.

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