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My Reason- Pheratora for Seniors

Pheratora was conceptualised by traveler in me. A traveler who learned to travel differently.

I decided shift to biking to save my travel time to office. I bought a bullet and started using it regularly. My pillion was my colleague and then the wild/impulsive feeling to do something outside of ordinary occured to us. And then came the thought of going to Ladakh.

We started talking daily about Ladakh while riding to office and decided to do it alone – without trying to be part of a group or some travel company to help us out.

The first trip was all about being unprepared, extended riding hours, and exploring the unknown.

With Pheratora, my objective is that seniors should come together with like minded and aged to plan a trip.

Why Seniors?

One stranger rider who became friend later said, “What are these elderly upto on a bike to Ladakh?”

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