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NDNC- Unexpected calls are good at times

Without even questioning if current NDNC (National Do Not Call) is effective or not. I know my mobile no. has been sold to almost all major real estate brokers in Delhi, insurance companies, banks. While real estate brokers are stopping at just messaging 5-7 times in a day for a hot property for sale, banks and insurance companies give a call hoping that their prey gives in this time. They are like predators in today's capitalist society where a man is alone to manage and live through his earnings.

But at times unexpected calls can be good. Attending to a call with patience may through up an opportunity to earn more, own up a titanium (life-time free) credit card, personal loan just when you plan to attend a wedding in family or buy a life insurance policy that may have been ignored till date. 

IRDA allowing life insurance companies to promote (not sell) their policies using telemarketing is commendable especially in our country where insurance penetration is poor and ignored till the time the need for it is felt. “You may not get to buy an insurance cover when you need it. Its best bought when you have no need for it.”- So true. 

The initiative from TRAI to have all telemarketing calls with phone nos starting from “70” is a good attempt where the control is more with the subscriber. 

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