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NDNC- Unexpected calls are good at times

Without even questioning the effectiveness of the current NDNC (National Do Not Call) system, I know that my mobile number has been sold to almost all major real estate brokers in Delhi, insurance companies, and banks. While real estate brokers limit themselves to sending 5-7 messages a day about hot properties for sale, banks and insurance companies relentlessly call, hoping to catch their prey. In today's capitalist society, where individuals are left to manage and survive on their own earnings, they act like predators.

However, unexpected calls can sometimes be beneficial. Patiently attending to a call may present an opportunity to earn more, obtain a titanium credit card with lifetime free benefits, secure a personal loan just when you need it for a family wedding, or even purchase a life insurance policy that you have neglected until now.

The IRDA's decision to allow life insurance companies to promote their policies using telemarketing is commendable, particularly in a country like ours where insurance penetration is low and often overlooked until the need arises. "You may not be able to buy insurance when you actually need it. It's best to get it when you don't have an immediate need for it." This statement holds true.

The initiative from TRAI to assign phone numbers starting with "70" to telemarketing calls is a positive step, putting more control in the hands of subscribers.

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