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No clue if ‘Withdrawn’ parenting style exists. I am having my explanation

As a parent, I've always believed in the power of authenticity. My style of parenting is what I'd call 'withdrawn'.

It's not about being distant or uninvolved, but about giving my daughters the space to grow, learn, and become their own individuals. This approach has evolved over time, shaped by my experiences, introspection, and the unique dynamics of our family.

When my elder daughter entered her teens, I found myself struggling to connect with her. Her introverted nature, coupled with the typical teenage attitude, left me feeling helpless and guilty, especially after instances of scolding. It was then that I decided to adopt a more 'withdrawn' approach, not to distance myself, but to give my daughters the space they needed to grow.

This approach has had its fair share of challenges, but it has also brought about some rewarding changes. My daughters have grown to be more friendly and open with me. They've learned to respect boundaries, and they've developed a sense of independence that I'm proud of.

My wife and I have different parenting styles. She blends the conventional with the modern, playing the role of a friend and a disciplinarian. There have been disagreements, but we've learned to respect each other's perspectives and work together for the well-being of our daughters.

One of the key aspects of my parenting style is staying true to my values. I believe in honesty, transparency, and emotional connection. I don't shy away from difficult conversations, and I try to lead by example.

However, I also understand the importance of balance. I've learned to manage my emotions and reactions, especially in challenging situations.

My belief, only time will tell, my 'withdrawn' parenting style on my daughters has helped them develop a sense of self-reliance and respect for others or not. I wish they learn to navigate life's challenges with resilience and grace.

Parenting is a journey. It is about learning, evolving, and adapting. My 'withdrawn' parenting style is not about being passive, but about empowering my daughters to become the best versions of themselves. It's about providing a safe space for them to explore, make mistakes, learn, and grow.

After all, isn't that what parenting is all about?

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