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Nostalgic on a Bollywood movie

My younger angel- Ruhin would have heard the title song of the movie ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ and was humming at home. I told her that the song belongs to a movie. She wanted me to play the movie for her. Thanks to Youtube where the full movie was available.

While my daughter was watching the movie streaming on my hand phone, I, sitting next to her was quick to check the year. It was in 1998 when this movie was released.

I had loved this romantic story due to glamour and romanticism showcased, quite similar to my stage of relationship with my spouse. We were in love but miles apart with no access to internet or hand phones. We could not see each other for months together.

My mind ventured further into details of those years of my life, trying to recall all the details as minute as possible. My memory could not help me with much details though.

I was soon nostalgic about the whole event of my relationship with my spouse and how we finally got to get married. Then I sensed that my brain was attempting to rationalise the years ‘lived’ thereafter.

All the major events that I could recall seemed to me as ‘random’ with no measured effort on my part to make them happen. This was a sincere attempt to decode my past life since we as humans are masters of rationalising our past lives akin to a perfect story unfolding with all ups and downs as being experienced my daughter while watching the movie.

She wept when the child in the movie could not speak on topic ‘Mother’ in some competition and was weeping when the lead actor- the father of the child – walks upto her speaking on her behalf and then gives her a tight hug.

My daughter leans further into my shoulders. As a parent I did not want to influence her flow of emotions nor interrupt it with usual banter- it’s just a movie with actors playing it to a script – followed by laughs irritating enough to spoil her flow of emotions.

While I had my own regrets for not being able to recall full details of my life unfolding in last 18 years, I pledged to make it memorable and record everyday of my life penned here on a blog or in a personal diary.

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