Valentine’s day

We celebrate 21st anniversary of proposing each other on Valentine’s day today. Its been two decades since we ended the ambiguity about our relationship and still the excitement is afresh in our memories. But that confession never meant that we may not have anymore valentine’s in our lives. But this may not have been obvious/ desired twenty years back when we had fenced our world between two of us. No one mattered us more than each one of us. We had, even limited our parents

Nostalgic on a Bollywood movie

My younger angel- Ruhin would have heard the title song of the movie ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ and was humming at home. I told her that the song belongs to a movie. She wanted me to play the movie for her. Thanks to Youtube where the full movie was available. While my daughter was watching the movie streaming on my hand phone, I, sitting next to her was quick to check the year. It was in 1998 when this movie was released. I had loved this romantic story due to glamour and romantic

I am Unhappy

Something is not letting me be happy. I am again failing to be happy with what I have. Why am I resistant to constraints? Why can’t I realize that they are all part of life? I want my kids to be doing what is best for them. I want them to study well, be disciplined and acquire skills as early as possible. I want my spouse to be free to shop her heart out. But then why am I feeling that its waste of time for her to shop for so long? I did not give reasons for not doing it b