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Outcome Bias

I made a mistake. The mistake was about focusing on outcome alone. I was different though when I started working. I took comfort in following the process and doing all that was required and expected as part of a process, all the while ignoring the outcome.

But this approach was lost as I grew old in the corporate world. After being in denial at the first two jobs, I accepted the norm without any resistance and doubt. “You are not paid to follow a process or adhere to norms alone.”

In retrospect it seems pretty sensical on my part, until today, realizing that I was laying too much focus on outcome. I had become outcome biased. This bias is one of the trickiest of all the biases known by me till date. Today, I am no longer dependent on feedback of my superiors at job. Hence, I can choose to set my own benchmarks for performance that give due credit to the process followed.

It is high time to set things right and practice what the books on rationality and decision-making teach me.

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