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PE investments into food/snacks segment

Finally, our favorite snacks/namkeens get their due. As layman we all knew that its a profitable business once it takes off.

I read about 2 such deals:

Prakash Snacks has been selling its snacks under brand Prakash Namkeens for long. I knew about them in Indore. Akash Namkeen, run by the other brother of Prakash is equally profitable and popular. Indore a fantastic city in MP is known for its snack food. Only Indoreans how tough it was for Mc Donalds and Dominos to convince them to try their products. Sharafa bazzaar is a fantastic place for rich during day when they can buy the jewellery of their choice but in night the place is a perfect place for snacks and enjoyed equally both by rich and poor. 

Sagar Ratna also gets investment for expansion. 

For details please read:

Food/snacks business in India is a cash rich business with no upfront capex spends. 

I appreciate business sense of PEs like Sequoia Capital and SAIF partners who considered investing this industry. 

Should be expect an announcement for a snacks business from Ratlam anytime?

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