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Proud user of Kinect (XBox 360)

This note is not impulsive but post a thorough evaluation and experience of XBox Kinect.

I had first experienced Kinect when my colleagues carried it to our office to experience it. This was sometime in November 2010 when Kinect was not launched in India. 

Since then I had been planning to buy it for my kids. I believed they may enjoy it for sure. I was not sure if we as adults would be able to enjoy the Kinect experience as much. I was wrong. I and my wife enjoy it and much more since its not just sitting in front of TV with some control gadget in your hand. One really needs the stamina and will power to play it.

Last month I visited Croma at Faridabad and decided not to wait for my elder daughter's birthday till June 13. We went for it. I appreciate that I somehow curbed my instinct to not go for purchase of LCD 40 inch TV as well. Had I opted for it the experience would have been much different.

Kinect is synonymous to Kinetic energy. Energy produced in motion is called Kinetic energy. Same is the case with Kinect. You need to have atleast 10 feet by 10 feet of free space in front of TV. You are not to wear any sensor require any gadget to control or run the game on Kinect. Couch and bean bags are now only for visiting friends. 

Kinect costs around INR 24 K with a free CD. We bought 2 additional CDs- Sports and Dance series. Dance series has a work-out mode. Excellent to practice it post a 20 minute run on tread mill. I am sure no one will miss an aerobics session. Sports CD has boxing, volley ball, football, athletics, bowling and table tennis games. You have the option to play with computer (at different levels), with another player and in some cases even four of us can play together.

On Saturday last week post a 2 Km run on tread mill, I challenged my wife for a boxing match. I dominated first round as I was warmed up. However, round 2 and 3 belonged to my wife. I never planned my effort well and hence lost due to exhaustion. We opted for a Volley ball match later and somehow managed to rescue some pride.

I already have a list of 4 guys who have already decided to get one. 

It seems good days for Microsoft are around- Windows 7 ( more stable and less frequent updates), MS Office is more cheaper and hence a success with home users  and Kinect adding a totally new dimension to gaming. 

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