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We speak our mind

I received a call from an ex-colleague. We have been family friends for more than 5 years now.

When she said, “Hello” over a call, I could sense insantly that she is stressed and upset. And without she having to go through the pain of expressing in words her pain, I could quickly share some instances from my own experience to signal her that I had understood what she was going through.

Yet most of the 30-minute call was spent explaining and acknowledging the problem. I told her, “Either we can consider this a call as a serious attempt to swim across the waters of negative feelings and return to routine tomorrow or actually think what can still possibly be done to address this state of mind that is dejected, hopeless, and helpless.

After some 30 minutes of call she reached her home and what we all talked was reduced to gibberish. What else can a discussion with no concrete solution be termed as?

After the call, I went on to talk to my wife about all that we go through and etc. etc. in our lives.

It felt as if I was speaking my mind and yet not ready to take a decision to ‘change’ or ‘evolve’. Who else can be blamed for not making it happen? Ofcourse when I blame circumstances, it’s like telling my mind a lie.

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