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My elder daughter

My daughter clears her 10th class board exams with 86% marks. This is an achievement for her and makes us proud of her.

She studied at boarding school since class 8 and we had little role in helping her prepare well for the first major exam of her life. And to our surprise she has done better than expectations.

When we had decided to send her to boarding school, ofcourse, the decision enforced by her mother. When in subdued mood, missing her with us, we reasoned that we are failed parents. We missed out on something major in parenting and that’s why the decision to send her to a boarding school was needed. My daughter is shy and preferred to stay alone. She also had symptoms of social anxiety.

Yesterday, when the result was out, we felt like successful parents . We felt our less-poking and friendly style of parenting worked.

On the contrary, we seem to be selfish acknowledging her achievement to our parenting style, especially when she spent most crucial years of her teen away from us at a boarding school. She had spent less than 100 days with us in ladt three years.

God bless you! Our Angel.

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