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Writer’s corner

When I heard from renowned writers about having a writer’s corner, I felt it be a cliche. I believed writing had so little to do anything with the choice of a location.

And I was right then. I learned writing while sending emails at work. I had to put in extra effort to compose emails that had to be brief, to the point, and with choice of words as simple as possible.

Further, I believe my style of writing resonates with my speaking style. I may be verbose, at times, to drive home a point I want to make, though the length of such expressions has been on a steady decline as I am aging. I believe I write what I think and I can speak about but may not be true vice versa.

I was surprised to know that I can concentrate better and even compile my thoughts faster when I am alone and on a chair at The Great Beer Cafe, Chandigarh.

Since then I keep returning to the same chair at least once a week. I have my own corner for writing.

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